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Monday, July 20, 2015


Ralph Grabowski

I have seen Solid Edge on the Surface, but I am puzzled why running it on a Windows 8 Surface tablet is different from running any CAD package on any other Windows-based tablet or touch-screen computer.

Surface tablets are high-end Windows computers that dont suffer the roadblocks of Android tablets: a different CPU architecture, a different operating system, and different specs.

Ive installed the free version of Solid Edge on my Surface-class tablet, as well as AutoCAD, BricsCAD, and so on.

David Chadwick

This discussion of Mobile CAD is very timely – in my opinion this is as important a technology trend for designers as cloud based CAD - but typically receives a fraction of the discussion and development resources. For our Solid Edge users we have simple, free viewing apps for Solid Edge assemblies, parts and drawings for Android, iOS and Windows 8.1 all of which are proving to be popular. What I think is more interesting though is the work we have done to make our full Solid Edge 3D CAD software run on a mobile device – in our case we have focused on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 which is a high performance – but relatively expensive device. You can see some examples of using finger gestures on the touchscreen for view manipulation, together with using a stylus for more accurate geometry selection and modification in this video. The user can pull up on-screen menus for command and data input so a keyboard is not always required. Our users like Trlby Innovative have found that access to their full CAD software while mobile is having a big impact on their productivity and their ability to respond quickly to customers issues when not at their desks.

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