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Since launching in 1995, the upFront.eZine e-newsletter has become the prime independent source of weekly business news and opinion for the computer-aided design (CAD) industry.

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Endorsements from Our Readers

    "I greatly appreciate the work that you put together in developing this multi-partisan (AutoCAD, Visio, Dassault, Bentley, and others) newsletter."
       -- Bill Holloway

   "I want to express my thanks for the valuable service you render to the CAD community. Your upFront.eZine is a great mix of late-breaking information, future trend guessing, philosophical stimulation, and 'spin' deconstruction."
       -- Harold Chaney

  "Love your upFront.eZine. I got my new job via your pub! Pretty good one, too! Keep up the good work. Invaluable resource for us CAD managers."
       -- Michael Stumpo

   "I have enjoyed your upFront.eZine ever since you started it. Please don't stop!"
       -- Randy Maxey

   "I find your content a refreshing source of CAD news. Every time I read it, I learn of important industry developments not covered elsewhere."
      - Blake Courter

   "I have just finished reading quite a few of your upFront.eZine issues over the Net and have enjoyed the variety of coverage. I am encouraged to see the open approach and the hand work that goes into trying to stay unbiased. So, I have subscribed!"  
     -- Suhayl Rawhani

   "It's refreshing and informative to hear some opinions from outside the US. I'm canceling my other CAD ezines. Your reporting is more timely and more complete."

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