Support for Visio Users

Visions.eZine was a newsletter for Visio users, which unfortunately stopped publication in October, 2000. You can still read all the back issues:

First issue of 1999: 1999

First issue of 2000: 2000

Special Reports & Product Reviews

Special Report on Visio 2001, the next release.

Special Report on VSD file viewing -- or not.

Product Review of NetZoom 2000 network shapes add-on.

Visio Tips

Read answers to questions and tips on using  Visio software.

Books about Visio.

Related Web Sites

Visio Corp.   The mother corp.
Visio Developer Network   Support for Visio developers.
I.T.C.   The IntelliCAD Technical Consortium.
DWG   The OpenDWG Alliance.
Ten Links   Links to the CAD world. 

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