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This page list free tutorials for learning how to use AutoCAD better -- commands and

    Lists of CAD-related books, other CAD newsletters, as well as a small selection of books
   and newsletters that have nothing to do with CAD.


Hint: Use your browser's Find command to search for a command or topic.

Using AutoCAD Tutorials

These tutorials are posted at the Autodesk Press Web site, and are authored by Ralph
Grabowski. Each tutorial includes:

There is often a new tutorial each month. Many of these tutorials also apply to AutoCAD LT.

AutoCAD 2000 Tutorials


AutoCAD 2000i Tutorials


AutoCAD 2002 Tutorials


... more tutorials to come in future months.

Tailoring AutoCAD Tutorials

1.    Introduction to AutoCAD Customization

2.    Toolbar Customization

3.    Advanced Toolbar Customization

4-6.  Introduction to AutoLISP Programming

    4:  Adding two numbers; and remembering the result.

    5:  Math functions; geometric functions; conditional functions; and string and conversion

    6:  External command functions; GetXXX and selection set functions; object manipulation
        functions; and advanced AutoLISP functions.

7.    Tips in Using AutoLISP
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8-11. Writing a Simple AutoLISP Program

    8:  The plan of attack.

    9:  Sprucing up the code.

   10:  Using the car, cdr, rtos, and strcat functions.

   11:  Saving data to a file.

12-14. Custom Hatch Patterns

    12:  Creating a hatch pattern.

   13:  Coding the .pat file; tips on creating pattern codes.

   14: Creating a slide from a hatch pattern.

15-16. Custom Linetypes

    15:  Introduction to linetypes; and creating simple (1D) linetypes.

    16:  Testing the linetype; and creating complex (2D) linetypes.

17-18. DIESEL Macro Language

    17:  Introduction to Diesel (direct interactively evaluated string expression language) for
          customizing the status line and performing simple programming chores, particularly in LT.

    18:  Using Diesel in menus and in AutoLISP.

19. How to Write a Script File.
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20. Miscellaneous Tips
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