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Transition eBook Released for AutoCAD/TurboCAD

upFront.eZine Publishing updates publication for AutoCAD users interested in TurboCAD Professional.


Abbotsford, BC Canada, October 24, 2006 — upFront.eZine Publishing, Ltd. releases the second edition of its transition ebook for AutoCAD 2007 and TurboCAD Professional 12. TurboCAD for AutoCAD Users is the updated ebook for AutoCAD users interested in transitioning to the lower cost and more capable TurboCAD. The 168-page e-book contains side-by-side tutorials for creating 2D and 3D models in both popular CAD (computer-aided design) packages: AutoCAD on one side of the page, the equivalent steps in TurboCAD on the facing pages.

TurboCAD for AutoCAD Users is published exclusively in Adobe Acrobat format. The 2nd edition of this e-book adds these features:

      Setting up and creating 2D drawings and 3D designs.

      DWG import and export.

      Comparisons and contrasts between AutoCAD and TurboCAD.

      Command cross-reference.

      Jargon dictionary.


You can learn more about TurboCAD for AutoCAD Users, read the full table of contents, and view select pages at http://www.upfrontezine.com/t4a.


Availability and Price

The TurboCAD for AutoCAD Users e-book is available now as an Adobe Acrobat file for delivery via email, ftp, or Web browser. The e-book is also available on CD. The e-book features:

    Illustrations in full color.

    Formatted for printing on standard 8.5x11 paper.

    Margin designed for three-hole punching.

    Immediate availability.


Price is $29.95 with electronic delivery; $34.95 on CD, shipping included. (All prices in US funds.) Payment can be made instantly through PayPal, the international Internet payment system, in many currencies. If customers prefer, payment can be made by check or P.O.


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