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11 December
Inside Generic CADD 6 eBook announced.

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Inside Generic CADD 6 is an e-book by Ralph Grabowski for those wishing to learn to use that classic CAD program, Generic CADD 6. The e-book can be purchased in PDF format. 

This e-book is a reprint of the popular Learn Generic CADD 6 in a Day book, originally published by WordWare Publishing in 1992. Generic CADD was the inspiration for General CADD Pro. Almost all commands and procedures in General CADD Pro are the same as Generic CADD. Since General CADD does not include a printed, hardcopy manual, this book will nicely fill in the learning gaps and provide a tutorial for General CADD Pro customers who are new to CAD.

The book has now been reprinted as a 145-page e-book in Adobe Acrobat format, and features

  • Handy tips and useful illustrations.
  • All the original text and pictures.
  • Works with Generic CADD v5 and v6.x.
  • Formatted for printing on standard 8.5x11 paper.
  • Margins designed for three-hole punching. 

Download free bonus material. GC6.Bonus.Zip (57KB) contains:

  • 11 tutorial .gcd drawing files at the end of each chapter.
  • 18 component .cmp and abbtribute .atb files for tutorials.

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table of contents

Part I: Computer-Aided Drafting

Chapter 1: Setting Up the Drawing
Summary of Commands, Before You Begin, Starting Generic CADD, The Drawing Screen, The Coordinate Line, The Command Line, Status Information, The Side-Bar Menu, The Text Screen, Preparing for Drawing the Yard, Setting the Units, Turning On Grid and Snap, Creating New Layers, Saving the Drawing

Chapter 2: Drawing the Yard Outline
Bringing Back the Yard Drawing, Drawing the Lot Boundary, Changing Layers, Drawing the House Outline, Adding the Street and Driveway, Putting the Drawing On Paper

Chapter 3: Adding Details To the Landscape
Dividing the Lot, Changing the Bezier Curve, Applying the Lawn Hatching Pattern, Creating a Tree Symbol, Making a Symbol, Adding Many More Trees, Drawing the Pond

Chapter 4: Changing the Landscape
Changing the Look Of Lines, Changing the Length Of Lines, Changing the Look Of the Pond, Moving the Pond, Measuring the Area Of the Lawn, Adding A Fence

Chapter 5: Adding Notes & Dimensions
Adding A Note To the Drawing, Changing the Look Of Text, Changing Existing Text, Rotated Text, the Power Of Like (=), Reducing Display Time, Dimensioning the Yard, Changing Dimension Modes, Linear Dimensioning, Changing the Dimension Direction, Angled Dimensions, Other Dimensioning


Part II: Computer-Aided Design

Chapter 6: Creating Components & Attributes
Before You Begin, Preparing For Drawing the Symbols, Selecting the Components, Drawing the First Component, Creating An Attribute, Attaching An Attribute To A Component, Creating the Other Components, Saving Components and Attributes To Disk, Switching To A New Drawing, Drawing the Electrical Schematic

Chapter 7: Bills Of Material
Quick Material Counts, Starting the BOM Program, Setting Up A New BOM Layout, Linking A Drawing To BOM, Printing the Bill Of Material, Bringing the BOM Into CADD, Importing the BOM Into Excel

Chapter 8: Programming Macros
Preprogrammed Macros, Changing A Macro, Multicommand Macros, Batch Files


Appendix A: Installation & Configuration
Before You Begin, Necessary Equipment, Optional Equipment, Installing Generic CADD (Install), Configuring Generic CADD (Config), Configuring the Graphics Board, Configuring the Pointing Device, Configuring Other Options

Appendix B: Installing the Bonus Material
GCD Drawing Files, CMP Component and ATB Attributed Files


about the author

Ralph Grabowski has authored and co-authored 50+ books on CAD management, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Generic CADD, General CADD Pro, IntelliCAD, MicroStation, TurboCAD, VDraft, Visio, HTML, and VRML. He is the editor of two e-newsletters, upFront.eZine and IMAGINiT.eZine.

Mr Grabowski received his B.A.Sc ('80) degree in civil engineering from the University of British Columbia. He currently works and lives in the beautiful Central Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada.

You can visit his Web site at

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