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Bricscad V12 for AutoCAD Users is for CAD users wishing to understand the differences and similarities with Bricscad. It is ideal for offices looking to save on IT expenses by adding lower-cost Bricscad seats.

The 192-page ebook is available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, and covers these topics in an even-handed manner: 

  • Advantages to Bricscad
  • What's missing from Bricscad
  • Comparison of user interfaces
  • Detailed comparison of drawing compatbility
  • New! Details comparison of object properties
  • Customizing and programming Bricscad
  • New! Working in a dual-CAD office
  • New! Issues specific to Linux
  • AutoCAD-Bricscad dictionary
  • Four appendices of reference material:
    • AutoCAD-Bricscad command cross reference
    • System variable cross reference
    • Command alias cross reference
    • Keystroke and button cross reference

The book features:

  • New! Updated for Bricscad V12 and AutoCAD 2012
  • New! Features new to V12 shown in red.
  • New! Items unique to Linux shown in gray.
  • Dozens of tips.
  • Illustrations in full color.
  • Formatted for printing on standard 8.5x11 paper.
  • Margins designed forthree-hole punching.
  • Includes complimentary subscription to upFront.eZine newsletter. 

Allso available::

  • Bricscad V9 for AutoCAD 2010 Users
  • Bricscad V11 for AutoCAD 2011 Users

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table of contents

1 Bricscad for AutoCAD Users  

The Entire Bricscad Product Line, Risky Business, Bricsys Business, Vondle Project Management, The Advantages of Bricscad , Near-identical User Interface, Added Commands and System Variables, Multiple Operation System Support, No-charge Developer Network, APIs, Examples of Add-ons, Lower Purchase and Maintenance Pricing, It Makes More than Cents, Bricscad is Not IntelliCAD, What's Missing from Bricscad, System Requirements, Operating Systems, Linux and Mac OS X Support, Recommended Hardware, Netbook Support, AutoCAD-Bricscad Dictionary

2 Comparing User Interfaces

Bricscad V9 User Interface, User Interface Elements, DesignCenter vs Drawing Explorer, Options vs Settings, Settings Toolbar, Changing Settings, Accessing and Changing Values, Real Time Search, User Interface Variations, Prompt Menu vs Dynamic Input, Controlling the Prompt Menu, : vs Command:, More Command Options, Properties Palette vs Properties Bar, Properties Bar, Status Bar, Mouse Buttons, Selection Sets

3 Drawing File Compatibility

DWG Compatibility, How Entities Are Tested, Problem Entities, DWG Object Support, 2D Entities Supported, Basic Properties for Entities, Text Entities Supported, Text Styles, MText Styles, Table Styles, Tolerance Editing, Dimension Entities Supported, Dimension Styles, Leader Styles, Complex 2D Entities Supported, Multiline Styles, 3D Entities Supported

4 Customizing and Programming Bricscad

Cui vs Customize, Importing AutoCAD Menus, Menus , About Copying Files , Creating New Menu Items, Macro Metacharacters, Menu Design Conventions, Diesel, Context Menus, Toolbars , Keyboard Shortcuts , Tablet Buttons and Menus, Aliases and Shell Commands, Shell Commands, Other Customizations, Fonts , Font Mapping, Linetypes and Hatch Patterns, Plot Styles, Plotter Manager, Options vs Settings, File Paths, User Profiles, Roaming Profiles, Accessing Hidden Folders, Supported Files, Programming Considerations, Porting AutoLISP to LISP, Porting DCL to Bricscad, Porting Diesel to Bricscad, Porting VBA to Bricscad, Porting ADS to SDS, Porting ARX to BRX, Porting ARX to DRX, Porting COM to Bricscad, Units, Loading Applications into Bricscad, Third-party Developer Support, Bricscad Object Model

New! 5 Operating the Dual CAD Design Office

Reasons for Operating Multiple CAD System, Cost, Solutions to High License Fees, Compatibility, Capability, Running Bricscad and AutoCAD in One Office, Dividing the Workflow Between AutoCAD and Bricscad, Strategic Implementation, Dual OS Office, Solving the Problems of Porting Software to Linux, User Interface, APIs, Benefits of Linux, Linux is Free, Linux is Hardware-Efficient, Linux Is Malware-free, Linux is Hardware-compatible, Linux Dual-boots, Drawbacks to Linux, Lack of identical software, Which Linux?, Problematic Installers, Competing GUIs


A AutoCAD-Bricscad Command Cross-reference

B AutoCAD-Bricscad System Variable Cross-reference

C AutoCAD-Bricscad Alias Cross-reference

D AutoCAD-Bricscad Keystroke and Button Cross-reference

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