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Last updated: 1 January 2013.

Position Statement

upFront.eZine Publishing, Ltd. publishes two e-newsletters (newsletters delivered to subscribers by email):

upFront.eZine is is the longest-running independent CAD e-newsletter, currently in its 15th year.
It specializes in delivering news on the business of CAD.

upFront.eZine is delivered by email every Monday to 11,000 readers in 72 countries.
To read the current issue, see

Standard Pricing.
Special Positioning.
Appropriate Format for Ads.
Submission Deadline and Payment Terms.
Praise from our Advertisers.

WorldCAD Access is the daily news blog for all CAD users.
It specialized in reporting on CAD news as it occurs, including live blogging from CAD events.
It currently has 5,000 daily readers.

To view the blog, see


Standard Pricing

The following prices are valid for insertion orders placed for upFront.eZine:

Advertising in the English Edition of the upFront.eZine newsletter is US$680.00 for one insertion. This includes 2 consecutive weekly issues in the upFront.eZine newsletter.

We estimate that your ad will receive approximately 44,000 impressions in that time:
         11,000 actual subscribers (minimum).
     +  2 appearances in the newsletter (22,000 impressions).
     +  an estimated 2-to-1 pass-along rate (44,000 readers) based on a survey of readers.

In addition, you may change the wording of the ad at any time.

Special Positioning

Special positions are available for your ad at the following surcharged rates. Each insertion runs for two weeks:

Contact us for other special requests. We can accomodate you!


Appropriate Format for Ads

We recommend that ads in upFront.eZine be in text format, but we can accomodate banners. Text adsshould be limited to 50-75 words, roughly. Here is a sample ad that you can use as a guideline:

- - - - - - - - - -
For Sale: AutoCAD Modeling Software
World class 2D/3D mechanical extensions for AutoCAD 2000 and Mechanical Desktop.
Visit our Web site at or tel. + 1 (555) 833-1234 or email
- - - - - - - - - -

Notice the number in square brackets following the ad, [123]. That number, which we add in, tells you the last issue the ad will run in. In this example, the ad runs through to Issue #723.

Banner ads should be in GIF or JPEG format; we recommend that you design the ad as a 468 x 60 full horizontal banner.

Should you have other ideas, we can work with you.


Submission Deadline & Payment Terms

Deadline for submission is every Monday 9:00 AM (Pacific time). Running late? We can probably accomodate you!

Payment is made as follows:

    Our bank will only accept checks written on a bank with an address in the USA (US$) , EC (Euros), Great Britain (pound Sterling), or Canada (CDN$).
    We cannot process credit cards.
    You may also pay by direct bank transfer. Contact us for details.



Praise from our Advertisers

Some of our clients include:

Adobe -- Applied 3D Science -- Autodesk -- Axiom International -- Bentley Systems -- CADMAX -- CAD Studio -- Cadvance -- COFES -- GlobalCAD -- Infograph -- IntegrityWare -- MicroCAD -- Navisworks -- Okino Graphics -- PlanetCAD -- Siemens PLM Systems -- SmartDraw -- SolidWorks -- TC Fonts -- -- think3 -- Third-Party International -- UGS

Here's what some of our advertisers had to say about the response to their ads in the upFront.eZine newsletter:

"Just thought you'd like to know that our latest ad in upFront.eZine is pulling in lots of responses. I've heard from resellers all over the U.S., even one from as far away as India."
     - Panagas Communications

"We're getting excellent response on our ad in upFront.eZine. You have a good subscriber base."
     - Caddex

"I have received a pretty good response to my ad in your upFront.eZine. Thank you. I would like to continue the ad."
     - CAE Solutions

"I got some great responses to our previous ad, so I thought I would try it again."
     - Hitachi Software Global Technology

"I'd like to renew my last ad for another four issues. I've been getting good response from it so far."
 -  Tangra Development


Thank you for your interest in advertising with our eZine! If you have any question, or problems, contact me directly at

    - Ralph Grabowski, publisher


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