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Inside General CADD Pro contains the following chapters and appendices: Each chapter is in a single file. Downloads are availabe in PDF format only. You need Acrobat (free from Adobe) to view and print the chapter files.

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table of contents


About General CADD Pro. The Goals for General CADD. Inter-CAD compatibility. Program Features. The Lineage of General CADD. Generic CADD. Visual CADD. General CADD. An Interview with Carl Ransdall. Numera Software. Ransdell & Brown. About the Author.

Part I: Tutorial

1: The Guided Tour

Starting General CADD Pro. General CADD’s User Interface. Drawing Filename  Menu Bar. Toolbars. Main Toolbar. Snaps Toolbar. Draw Toolbar. Cursor. Prompt Lines. Status Information. Video Menu. Mouse Buttons. Function Keys. Customizing Overview . User Interface. Macros. Menu. Toolbars. Function Keys. Hatch Patterns. Linetypes. Other Customizing Files. Folder Structure.

2:  Setting Up the Drawing

Preparing for Drawing the Yard. Setting Units. Turning On Grid and Snap. Working with Layers. The Layer Manager. Naming Layers. Drawing the Yard Boundary. Understanding the Coordinate Display.ving the Environment and the Drawing. Exiting General CADD.

3:  Drawing with Tracking & Snaps

Bringing Back the Drawing. Thumbnail Preview. Tracking, Snaps, and Ortho Mode. Tracking. Snaps. Ortho Mode. Drawing a Rectangular Outline. Adding Fillets and Mirrored Copies. Drawing Fillets. Making Mirror Copies. Saving a Backup.
Reference Page: Snaps.  
Reference Page: Selection Modes 

4: Plotting the Drawing

Printing the Drawing. Print Preview. Print Options. Optional Print Options. Plotting the Drawing. Plot Preview. Plot Options. Customizing Plotter Configurations. Partial Prints/Plots.
Reference Page: Print & Plot Options

5: Adding Details

Drawing a Bezier Curve. Radial Arrays and Components. Creating a Radial Array. Making a Component. Placing Components. Drawing an Ellipse. Applying a Hatch Pattern. Changing the Look of Lines. Changing Objects. Changing the Length of Lines. Stretching the Ellipse. Moving the Pond. Measuring Area.
Reference Page: Hatch Patterns.

6:  Changes & Edits

Changing Line Properties. Changing the Line Weight and Color. Measuring the Fence.

7: Placing Text

Adding Notes to the Drawing. Specifying Text Settings. Determining the Height of Text. Converting Fonts. Setting Text Parameters. Placing Text in the Drawing. Changing the Look of Text. Changing Fonts. Editing Text. Other Text Tricks.
Reference Page: Text Settings. 

8: Adding Dimenions

Dimensions in General CADD. Setting Up Dimensions. Placing Dimensions in the Drawing. Selecting Partitioned Dimensions. Placing Partitioned Dimensions. Placing Vertical Dimensions. Placing Aligned Dimensions. Placing Radial Dimensions.
Reference Page: Dimension Settings


New! Part II: Command & Macro Reference

9: Menu Command Reference

About This Reference. Index of Menu commands. Modifiers. Missing Commands. File Menu. Edit Menu. Quick Edits Menu. Draw Menu. Text/Fills/Hch Menu. Snaps/Trims Menu. Settings Menu. Component Menu. Zooms Menu. Layer Menu. Dimensions Menu. Utilities Menu. Help Menu.

10: Other Command Reference

Commands not found on the menu bar. Inactive Commands. Multiline. Cursor Related. Bezier. Text. Attributes. Viewports. Dimensions. User Interface. Digitizer. Miscellaneous.

11: Macro Programming

Looking at Macro Assignments.Function Key Assignments. Mouse Buttons Assignments. Assigning Commands to Function Keys. Running Batch Files. Rerunning Batch Files. Looking at a Batch File. Saving the Drawing as a Batch File. Understanding the Batch File Content. Writing Command-Option Macros. Example Macros. File Related. Display Related. Text Related. Cursor Related. Coordinates Related. What if Your Macro Fails? Employing Metacharacters. @  Point. ~  Input. #  Exit . !  Enter. ++  Toggle On and --  Toggle Off . [  ]  Highlight. |  Continue. System and User Variables.Reading System Variables. User Variables. Zeroing User Variables. Global Variables. Running the Debugger — or Viewing Variables in Real-time. Advanced Macro Programming. Controlling the Display. /MSP. /PMT. /CIN. /XMD. /CHD. System Functions. /SYS. /DEF. /SEL. /EXT. /GEO. /SHE. /APX. /SHOWVARS. /WB. /BEEP. String Functions. /STR,L. /STR,S. /STR,C. /STR,U. Logic Operations. /IF. Conditionals. /GOTO .Labels. Math Operations. Using Arithmetic Functions. Using Algebraic Functions. Using Nested Functions. Using Trigonomic Functions. Really, Really Advanced Stuff. Entity Operations. /CEL. /LST. /EEX. /DEL. Readin’ and ’Riting Files. FD. /FOP. /FRD. /RST. /FWR. /FCL. Entity Identification Tables. Entity ID Table. 24: Text String Code Table. 32: Component Code Table. 62, 62, 64, 65: Linear, Angular, Radial, Diameter Dimension Code Table. 66: Leader Code Table.

12: Customizing General CADD

Customizing Linetypes. Looking at the Definition. Creating Linetypes with a Text Editor. Line 1: Header. Line 2: Data. Testing a New Linetype. Customizing Hatch Patterns. Where Do Hatch Patterns Come From? Creating Custom Hatch Patterns. Line 1: Header. Line 2: Data. Tips on Creating Pattern Codes. Customizing Fonts. Customizing Plotter Configurations. Customising Video Menus. Video Menu Format. Linking Pages. Configuration Files.


Free downloads!

demo software

A trial version of the General CADD Pro software can be downloaded free from -- 3.9MB

.Free downloads!


A: Importing AutoCAD Drawings. Describes how translation works; list all AutoCAD objects and tables that General CADD imports (1) correctly; (2) partially; and (3) not at all. Covers  the IM and CT commands.

B: Exporting Drawings to AutoCAD. Describes how to export a drawing in AutoCAD format, and which General CADD objects export correctly to AutoCAD. Covers the XP command.

Updated! C: Command Reference by Noel Browning. Lists all General CADD Pro commands and options in alphabetical order. Includes menu items, and a cross-reference with commands in Generic CADD and 3D Concepts.

D: Linetypes by Noel Browning. Lists all the linetypes included with General CADD, including those compatible with AutoCAD and Generic CADD.

  • Linetypes v1.00. Copyright by Noel Browning:
    Page 1: GCP Linetype library (411KB).
    Page 2: Linetypes matched to standards (174KB).

E: Colors by Noel Browning. Lists the 256 colors that General CADD works with.

  • Colors (164KB) 1 page.
    v1.00. Copyright by
    Noel Browning.

F: Pull-down Menus by Noel Browning. Lists the content of all pull-down menus.

 tutorial files

Free downloads! Each .gxd file is the state of the tutorial drawing at the end of a chapter, and can be used at the start of the next chapter. For example, Chapter-2.gxd is the tutorial at the end of Chapter 2, and can be used to start Chapter 3.

Macro programming tutorial files for Chapter 12:

  • (14KB). Last updated 14 November, 2002. Contains .mcr batch files provided with the old Generic CADD v6.

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